A cathedral in the middle of nowhere in the south of France.

Majestic, with a painting by Rubens inside.

Perfect light, both through the glass and in the painting.

Every corner is a painting itself.


The outside is warped by bullets from WWI.


Breathtaking and unimaginable.


It’s unthinkable

how something this meticulous and grandeur

could be afforded

or approved.


How can someone say

“I have this idea in mind, it’s going to take a 100 years”,

and the other say

“Yes, let’s do this.”


The cathedral is too big

for current frame of mind.


It's too fat for the endless stretches of thin scroll.

Multi-cultural, multi-functional, multi-lingual,

knowing exactly what it can and cannot do.

What it can and cannot afford.

With some exceptions

that blow everything imagined up

and turn the world upside down overnight.


To miracles we’re used to.

A band of killer whales chasing a fishing boat into the sunset?

We’ve seen it.


We’re walking encyclopaedias

existing and operating in multiple places at the same time.

With a life span ranging up to 125.

With a milage of 1 million kilometres per lifetime.


Why would we want to spend a 100 years on a cathedral?


A cathedral, like this one,

is a condensed bit of time and space.


A perfect monolithic hand-made cathedral like this

could not be made

nor thought of nowadays

Nor should it be.


The young think of old as monolithic.

The old think of young as privileged.

But everything’s simply stretching and

expanding in new directions

with no increase or decrease in the general value.