It’s late afternoon. The sun is setting on tall glass buildings  visible on the horizon. surrounded by desert, they form a cityscape island, appearing retina-sharp for someone looking at them through a cleaned ten-meter window of the Houston Airport in Texas.


The building's pleasant room temperature and vast top floor views produce a calming affect on one. Brings one to a state of contemplation and safe detachment, being above and in control.


Above a desert, in control of the angle of the view, in which the sun-reflecting buildings stand straight and seamlessly start collapsing. Before a decision is made the crowd runs for survival, bringing everyone along. They run out of the building and into the desert, occasionally turning back in awe of becoming first-hand witnesses of an event that will make history.


A tornado approaching from the other side closes any options for running and suggests finding a nice spot on the sand; to lay down and watch the sublime in IRL - the best quality available.