The video shows a group of teenage girls on a stage of a school auditorium. Despite of the visible discomfort they keep on moving side to side, as if in a dream, as if instructed, while cameras are flashing on their bodies, dressed in uniform clothes. A female voiceover in the background describes a nightlife scene, in which a young woman contemplates how the context of her upbringing could have shaped her sense of belonging. Magnetic Dance of a Hidden Potential touches on subjects of gender roles, national stereotypes, contemporary emigration and the idea of becoming.

24/06/2013 Installation at the Berlin Art Prize exhibition, Berlin, DE

Group show with Diana Artus, Kirsten Blümke, Carina Brandes, Hella Gerlach, Claudio Gobbi, Franziska Goes, Laurence Grave, Friedemann Heckel, Florian Japp, Christopher Kline, Cem Kozcuer, Hanne Lippard, Laura McLardy, Michael Müller, Neozoon, Jens Nippert, Valerie Otte, Katharina Pabst, Marco Pezzotta, Michael Pohl, Kate Sansom, Carl Schilde / Heavylistening, Dagmar Schürrer, Marlene Stark, Max Stocklosa, Santiago Taccetti, Sophie-Therese Trenka-Dalton, Sarra Turan, Tim Wandelt, Jonas Paul Wilisch.



19/04/2013, Visions of Gertrude, Slag op het Slaak, Amsterdam, NL

Isabelle Andriessen, Lotte Boon, Freija van Dijk, Joakim Drescher, Rosa Doornenbal, Lotte Effinger, Louise Jacobs, Quirin Jacques, Jade Jones, Eva Hoevenaar, Tirza Kater, Ekaterina Kholyapina, Johanna Kotlaris, Roos van Leeuwen, Niklaus Mettler, Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos, Frederique Pisuisse, Jip van Steenis, Maria Trenkel,  Nora Turato, Evita Vasiljeva, Robin de Vogel, Marek van de Watering, Judith van Werkhoven, Mislav Zugaj. Curated by Gailė Pranckunaitė.