"On such evenings it’s easy to believe, that age is in fact knowledge, and that anything can still happen. And that challenges are opportunities in disguise. Gisele Bündchen noticed that well in her book “Lessons”. It’s not very good. But it does’t matter. And that’s exactly the point, which only when you get here, you’re starting to see."


Sacred Fire Within is a film portrait of a woman in her 30s who is introspectively questioning the society’s construction of oughts, which she sees herself in relation to. As she prepares to leave the house and drives out into the street from an underground parking lot, her physical surroundings metaphorically reveal her sensitive relationship to the outside world. The film is a comment on the concepts of identity and self-image and how they are exercised in the context of popular culture, the culture of the internet, and their emphasis on material things which represent status and affiliation.


“I bought the first hat of my life to give an impression of stability I did not possess.”

– The Magic Lantern: An Autobiography, Ingmar Bergman, Joan Tate, 1987

Performance by Emmilou Rößling.

Supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture.

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